Why, Hello!

From the mystical land of Los Angeles, California, Nikkita Bell is an author on the rise who seeks to welcome readers to dynamic worlds, exciting characters, and captivating stories. An artist by day and writer by night, Nikkita flourishes in creating something from nothing. From a pen and paper to the keys of a computer, she has shined in the genres of fantasy, & sci-fi (with a subgenre of steampunk), mystery, and romance, and writes short stories, novels, and trilogies. 

When she isn’t world building or finding ways to convince her characters to ‘do the right thing,’ Nikkita runs marathons, lives at Disneyland, and spends most days with her partner in crime, Piper the cat.

What's New?

Nikkita recently published her debut short story, 'Edelweiss,' in Dragon Soul Press' Lost Love Anthology. Inspired by the universe and characters she created for that story, she is now in the process of writing a full-length novel that will be available later in 2020!

and welcome to the world of Miss Bell


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