featured in Lost Love Anthology

Time has stood still in 19th century Germany. The kingdom of Adelheim is in ruins as a mad tyrant has assumed the role of Führer with the help of his mystical Bionic army. Prince Jenryk van t’Veer, the only surviving member of the royal family, has been taken prisoner while his childhood friend, Commander Wulfram Röthke, has been coerced by the enemy. Different sides of the same coin, both live in agony over the loss of their true love. In a world where time is meaningless and evolution if a myth, the two must find a way to live again in memory of Fraulein Iva, the woman they both loved.

Nikkita's debut short story, 'Edelweiss,' is featured in Dragon Soul Press' Lost Love Anthology and available for purchase now!


featured in Seven Deadly Sins: Envy


Twelve-year-old Reinhardt is cursed to forever live in perpetual adolescence with a body that will never age. Recently orphaned, the young girl has inherited her father's role as guild leader of the Brass Hawk Society, a sanctuary for the forsaken. In this dark short story following a young girl doomed to forever be on the outside looking in, Reinhardt must battle her inner demons as she is consumed by envy and haunted by the memory of a woman she once admired.

'Heart of a Hawk,' is featured in Black Hare Press' Seven Deadly Sins: Envy Anthology and available for purchase now!

featured in Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath


Where you recognize evil, speak out against it and give no truces to your enemies.

Wolf is an amalgamation of cybertechnology and divine magic destined to usher in Ragnarök. Haunted by the memory of her former master and fueled by the betrayal of those she once called 'friends,' Wolf has been captured and imprisoned by the Government of Gods. Bound by an enchanted chain made from six impossible ingredients, she awaits the moment where she will unleash her wrath upon those who wronged her. This bone-chilling tale of anger and vengeance is a futuristic re-telling of the Norse myth ‘The Binding of Fenrir.’⁣

'A Wolf in Shackles,' is featured in Black Hare Press' Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath  Anthology and is coming soon!