Edelweiss by Nikkita Bell

Hello, Little Bells!

I'm proud to announce the release of my very first published short story, Edelweiss! It is currently published in Dragon Soul Press' Lost Love Epic Romance Anthology #2.

Last year, I had this crazy idea to write a story about two men who loved the same woman. The twist? She loved them both back. AND there was no jealousy or drama! Can you imagine that?!

November, during NaNoWriMo, I sat down, outlined, and wrote a short story set in the fictional kingdom of Adelheim, Germany, set in the late 19th century. This eccentric, steampunk-inspired kingdom was powered by Industrialism and magic, from high-rising smokestacks to fantastical airships, horse-drawn carriages, and Frankenstein-like mechanical humanoids.

The story follows the story of Jenryk van t'Veer, a prince who has been stripped of his title and riches upon the murder of his parents, and Wulfram Röthke, the commander of the royal army. The usurper, a mad tyrant henceforth referred to as The Führer, has taken over by means of his magic. By casting a curse upon the realm which froze time and halted the evolution of mankind, the Führer is a bloodthirsty man out to seek the end of the monarchy and birth of a new era: The Clockwork Reform.

The Führer not only has the talent of time manipulation but is also accompanied by an army he, quite literally, created; the Bionic Army is a team of monstrous minions who were operated on and turned into half-human-half-machine creatures.

Upon the sack of the city and murder of the king and queen, Prince Jenryk is taken prisoner and Commander Wulfram is converted into a Bionic soldier. The story follows the heartbreaking tale of how two best friends have become estranged and have lost the love of their life, Fraulein Iva. It is a tale as old as time about a love that can withstand the test of time and space as both men must find a way to live again...

...And fight their way against madman and his army of steampunk cyborgs.

'Edelweiss' and 19 other short stories about lost love are featured in the Lost Love Anthology, which is available for purchase now!

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