Falling in Love with a Different Project - Preptober 2020

There are only a few days left before the best month of the year! So, the question is, how did my Preptober go? Well, I can tell you that my goals when I started this month are nowhere near the same as they are now! ⁣

It all came together very quickly in a matter of days; I started October with the intention of finishing my steampunk novel for NaNoWriMo. But something about that goal wasn't sitting right with me. I felt my heart being pulled in different directions. ⁣

I found myself focusing on smaller projects, toying with different concepts, and planning new goals for the next year. I began writing a poem every day for a special little project coming in Fall 2021. I was even able to reacquaint myself with a character I've been writing since 2013. Fifteen days into October, I received thrilling news that my short story about a futuristic retelling of a Norse myth was chosen to be published in an anthology. And that's when it hit me: ⁣

I'd fallen in love with a different story. ⁣

As writers, we probably go through dozens upon dozens of concepts daily. Sometimes we pour our hearts and souls into one. Sometimes we struggle to make them work. And sometimes, certain concepts just flow freely with little struggle--effortlessly. ⁣

That's what my NaNo project is for me. ⁣It's a pleasure. An adventure. And an opportunity for me to really test my creativity. ⁣

I picked up a couple of books to serve as research for the project. One that serves as a mythological resource and another that serves as an emotional and psychological one. With every bit of research, story crafting, and preparation, I fall more and more in love with the idea of bringing this story to life. This story is not like anything I've ever written before; it's futuristic, leans more on the sci-fi side rather than fantasy, and touches on some subjects that are dark and personal to me.⁣

So, what's in store for me this November? I'm trying my hand at expanding my short story into a 40,000-word novella. I'm ready to grab hold of this story and see where life will take us.⁣

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