Heart of a Hawk by Nikkita Bell

Hello, my Little Bells!

It's been what they call a 'hot minute' since I've posted ANYTHING on my blog, but I'm writing to announce that my short story, 'Heart of a Hawk' has officially been published in Black Hare Press' 7 Deadly Sins: Envy Anthology!

Ever since 'Edelweiss' was published, I made it my 2020 mission to be published in more anthologies. I discovered Black Hare Press from a fellow author friend of mine who swore that they loved dark and speculative fiction. And at that moment, I also made it my 2020 mission to get published by this awesome team and press. And low and behold, I've now been chosen TWICE (but more info on that second one in a few months, I promise!)

'Heart of a Hawk' takes place in the 'Edelweiss' or Adelheim Universe. It is a bit of a peek into the world of Reinhardt, the twelve-year-old rebellion leader who is cursed to forever live in perpetual adolescence with a body that will never age. Recently orphaned, the young girl has inherited her father's role as guild leader of the Brass Hawk Society, a sanctuary for the forsaken. In this dark short story following a young girl doomed to forever be on the outside looking in, Reinhardt must battle her inner demons as she is consumed by envy and haunted by the memory of a woman she once admired.

With cameos from characters like Iva, Jenryk, Wulfram, and Reinhardt's trusty pet hawk Siggi, Heart of a Hawk is a dark and twisted short story that allows readers a look into the origin and backstory to everyone's favorite Little Hawk.

'Heart of a Hawk,' is featured in Black Hare Press' Seven Deadly Sins: Envy Anthology and available now!

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