Nikkita Reviews: The Dragon Child by Stella James

Hi everyone! I've decided to start a series called 'Nikkita Reviews' where I'll be posting book reviews on my blog! I really want to support my author friends as well as others I haven't had the pleasure of befriending yet. Every now and then, I'll be reviewing a short story or book that I've read. To kick off the series, I'll be reviewing a short story by one of my great writing friends,@stellabjames!


From start to finish, this touching story about an unconventional mother and her 'little dragon' took me to a world where love knows no bounds. Stella's prose is simply poetic and really showcases the emotional turmoil all mothers face when having to make a big decision for their child. A heartwarming tear-jerker, 'Dragon Child' is, in short, a beautifully written gem I'd love to revisit over and over again! 'Dragon Child' was published by@zooscape_zine's and can be found on their website now!

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