Poetry & Illustration Collection

“I didn’t choose the witch life, the witch life chose me. And when life has no expiration date, you gotta get a little creative.”

Set in the Bodark Universe, ’31 Days of October’ follows the wicked antics of October; a raunchy, sadistic, no-good witch who works for the Demon of Death and loves to watch the world burn—so long as it doesn’t take her leather jacket along with it. 


Norse Myth Retelling Novel

An expanded version of Nikkita Bell's short story, 'A Wolf in Shackles,' follow the story of Wolf, a Dyreblod with a bone-chilling destiny.


Steampunk Fantasy Novel

An expanded version of Nikkita Bell's short story, 'Edelweiss' is the story of four unlikely heroes who band together to break a curse cast upon their kingdom and rid it of its tyrannical leader. This four-part novel includes the stories of The Prince & The Commander, Heart of a Hawk, A Tinker's Spark, and Forged in Brass



1950's Gothic Noir Novel

Las Vegas, 1950. A rumble between two rival crime families threatens to tear a post-war city apart. Twenty-three year old Aleanna Bodark is caught in the crossfire as she begins to uncover the secrets of her powerful family. When a mysterious foreigner rescues her from an attempt on her life, Aleanna is swept into a supernatural world of monsters where she discovers that her father's secrets aren't the only demons trying to destroy her family.